- Rebuild -

0-1 Month

  • Find a long-term rental
  • Start to create a detail list of your contents
  • Have your insurance company send you a certified copy of your insurance policy, adjusted for inflation


1-4 Months

  • Complete the list of contents / personal property.
  • Start to create a list of the quality features of your previous home (countertops, flooring, cabinets, appliances, etc.)
  • Get the insurance company to send you a detailed rebuild estimate.
  • Get the insurance company to send you the ACV payment.
  • Understand your policy limits and how to maximize a fair rebuild settlement.

4-9 Months

  • Interview general contractors who can also assist with design, engineering, building permits, and construction management of new home AND stay within your policy limits.
  • If you are under-insured, and want to rebuild, look into financing options.
  • Decide whether you would like to rebuild or just take the insurance payout.
  • Assess how you are able to maximize a fair insurance payout.

9-14 Months

  • Sign a contract with a general contractor.
  • Complete your selections for the new home.
  • Start construction.
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