- Rebuild -

0-1 Month

  • Find a long-term rental (approximately 2+ years)
  • Start to create a detail list of your contents lost in the fires
  • Request a certified copy of your insurance policy
  • Request a payout (ACV and RCV) amounts from your insurance company, adjusted for inflation


1-4 Months

  • Complete the list of contents / personal property lost in the fires
  • Create a list of the unique features of your previous home (specialty countertops, flooring, cabinets, texture, automatic doors, ramps, railings, appliances, etc.)
  • Request the insurance company to send you a detailed rebuild estimate based on all the specialty finishes described above
  • Request the insurance company to send you the ACV payment
  • Understand your policy limits and how to maximize a fair rebuild settlement amount

4-12 Months

  • Interview general contractors who can also assist with design, engineering, building permits, and construction management of new home
  • Start to create a budget to rebuild the new home
  • Assess financing options if you believe you are under-insured or are not able to afford to rebuild the new home
  • Decide whether you would like to rebuild or just take the insurance payout

12 Months onwards

  • Sign a fixed price contract with a general contractor (Please have your lawyer review the contract before you sign it)
  • Complete selections for the new home and include them as part of your contract
  • Start construction
  • Expect the construction to be completed anywhere from 9 to 18 months after construction commences (Note: there could be delays in the final occupancy due to a number of circumstances outside of your builder's control. In that case, we recommend the homeowner to be proactive and request their insurance company for an extension of the living expenses until the home is available for occupancy)
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