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Rebuild Process

There are many stages in rebuilding your home and the process can be very overwhelming for people who have never built a home before. Here are some of the steps in order to rebuild your home:

Debris Cleanup

  • Removal of burnt debris
  • Cut and cap services
  • Removal of old foundations
  • Removal of burnt trees, electric poles, etc.
  • Add new soil, if needed
  • Land compaction, if needed



  • Obtain a detailed copy of the insurance policy
  • Understand your policy limits and maximize coverage
  • Maximize a fair living expenses payment until the home is rebuilt (ALE)
  • Maximize a fair settlement for personal property and contents
  • Provide a detailed rebuild estimate of the home lost to the fires. (*NOTE: Your general contractor should assist with this)
  • Maximize ordinance & law (O and L) and code upgrade payouts and policy extensions
  • Finalizing payment schedule from your insurance company
  • Maximize payout if NOT rebuilding

*Although Emerge Rebuild cannot guarantee the outcome of how much the insurance company will payout, we will try our best to help the homeowner maximize a fair settlement for reconstruction. 


  • Decide whether or not to pay off your existing mortgage
  • Construction financing as needed
  • Creating Escrow account as needed

Design / Engineering / Permitting

*NOTE: We believe that your general contractor should assist you with this process

  • Design a new home
  • Upgrade plans of previous homes to new code (if building the same home)
  • Soil engineering , civil engineering, structural engineering, survey etc
  • CALGreen, Title 24, and building permits application

General Contracting

  • Costing the home to fit your budget
  • Submit formal rebuild estimate to insurance company
  • Select specifications and finishes of new home
  • Construction management
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