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Rebuild Process

There are many stages in rebuilding your home and the process can be very overwhelming for people who have never built a home before. Our team works closely with you, and manages each step for you.

These are some of the key steps which need to be managed in order to rebuild your home.

Debris Cleanup

  • Removal of burnt debris
  • Cut and cap services
  • Removal of old foundations
  • Removal of burnt trees, electric poles, etc,
  • Add new soil, if needed
  • Land compaction, if needed



  • Obtain detailed copy of insurance policy.
  • Understand your policy and maximize coverage limits.
  • Maximize a fair rent payment until new home is built (ALE).
  • Maximize a fair settlement for personal property and contents.
  • Provide detail rebuild estimate of the home lost to the fires. (*NOTE: Your general contractor should assist with this.)
  • Maximize ordinance & law (O and L) and code upgrade payouts and policy extensions.
  • Maximize payout if NOT rebuilding.


  • How to decide whether or not to pay off your existing mortgage.
  • Construction financing, if needed.

Design / Engineering / Permitting

*NOTE: Your general contractor should be assisting you with this process.

  • Custom design new home.
  • Upgrade plans of previous homes to new code.
  • Soil, civil, structural engineering.
  • CALGreen, Title 24, and building permits application.

General Contracting

  • Costing new home within limits of payout from insurance.
  • Submit formal rebuild estimate to insurance company.
  • Select specifications and finishes of new home.
  • Construction management (start to finish).
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