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Home InteriorEmerge Rebuild is committed to helping you design a home at a price that fits your budget.  It is very important to note that you do not necessarily need a licensed architect to design your home. We encourage the homeowner consult with their independent legal counsel before entering into any contract.*


* Please Note that Emerge Rebuild is not a licensed architect.


Emerge Rebuild can assist with designing a custom home for you, coordinate with the engineers and other licensed professionals, as needed, and apply for building permits on your behalf. After receiving the permits.


Following are the various stages of contract(s) with Emerge Rebuild and SVC. Based on our previous experience, we understand that not all homeowners will end up rebuilding even after starting to design their home. If at any stage, the homeowners decide to terminate their rebuilding efforts, then Emerge Rebuild would provide partial reimbursement to the homeowner as stated in the contract. Emerge Rebuild would still try their best to continue to assist the homeowners with any coordination they need with their insurance companies as it is our social responsibility to help you emerge stronger.


1. General Floorplan

It is during this stage when the client decides on the general size and layout of the house. This process can take a few days to several weeks as the clients will likely change the layout of the home several times. We understand that most people have never built a home from scratch, and therefore, we provide a fixed price contract to the clients for this stage regardless of how many times they change the floorplan. It is also during this stage that Emerge Rebuild, in coordination with SVC, will begin to assess a) the cost to build the home, b) design restrictions (which may be imposed by the community), and c) easement restrictions all of which could impact the size and location of the home. It is also during this stage when Emerge Rebuild would start to work with your insurance company. It is important to assess roughly how much money the insurance company would pay out for the overall rebuild. The homeowner can then gauge whether or not they would need additional financial assistance to rebuild their home.


Please note that Emerge Rebuild can precisely determine the final cost of the overall rebuild only after the final selections for the home have been made and permits have been obtained.


2a. Detail Design

By using the floorplan from stage 1, Emerge Rebuild collaborates with other third party industry professionals (SVC, licensed engineers, surveyors etc.) in order to complete the detail design of the home. It is also during this stage that the finishes of the home are discussed and homeowner starts to pick those selections. The cost of these selections are then priced out during this stage in order to gauge the overall cost to rebuild the home. We collaborate with the insurance companies to provide confirmation regarding how much money will be provided by the insurance company for the rebuild. Emerge Rebuild, with assistance from SVC, prepares and submits an itemized construction estimate to the insurance company to finalize the payout amount.


Clients may want to make changes to the overall layout at this stage (location of the doors, windows, ceiling heights, roof slopes, location and size of closets, preferred placement of the house on the lot etc.). We encourage the clients to finalize all changes before Emerge Rebuild submits the plans to the engineers so the engineers can then complete their calculations. If the clients make any changes after the engineers have performed their calculations then the engineers may charge additional money for those changes. This is a scenario which Emerge Rebuild prefers to avoid because not only would the homeowner  end up paying more money, but also it would cause delays in obtaining the permits.


2b. Application of permits

Once the engineering is completed, then we send the package to the appropriate government agency to apply for permits. The permit office may request changes (possibly more than once) which Emerge Rebuild performs at no additional cost to the homeowner. This process may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on how busy the rebuild team and the permitting agencies are at that time. It is also during this stage when Emerge Rebuild encourages the homeowner to finalize the selections of the home so that a final estimate to rebuild the home can be provided to the homeowner.


3. Finalizing Contractor and the Cost to Build

After the building plans are submitted for permitting, we recommend the homeowner to enter into a formal construction contract with a licensed contractor. The client may decide on building the home with SVC, or with another contractor of their choice. Whatever the final decision may be, we encourage the homeowner to enter into a fixed price construction contract in order to avoid any change orders during the course of construction.


Emerge Rebuild encourages that the homeowner receive an independent legal opinion before they sign any contract.

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