Do's and Don'ts*


  • Be Patient
  • Start to create a detail list of contents of your home lost to the fires
  • Find your old building plans from the local permitting department
  • Find a place to rent for atleast 12-15 months
  • Have your General Contrator coordinate directly with the designer or architect to create new plans
  • Talk to your neighbors (Discuss Landscaping, Fencing, Sloping etc to keep costs down)


  • Don’t pay off your existing mortgage if you intend on rebuilding
  • Don’t hire an architect or a designer or an engineer before finalizing how much money you will be receving from the insurance conmpany
  • Don’t hire a contractor who cant assist you with insurance, design, engineering and permitting
  • Do not purchase a new property yet (There may be insurance implications if you purchase a new property)
  • If in doubt, Consider removing your older foundation
  • Don’t talk to the insurance company on the phone - Email instead
  • Don’t sign any agreement to get your lot cleaned up before understanding possible implications
  • Don’t sign any agreement with a contractor, insurance company, lender without getting some legal advice.

*Please Note That These Are Simply Opinions

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