- Construction -

This is the second stage of the contract when the detailed design is executed and a cost to build is presented to the client. The client has an option to build with Sunny Valley Construction, LLC (Emerge Rebuild's wholly owned subsidiary: general contractor license #1041911) or any other contractor that they feel would be a better fit.


Working with contractors and the many aspects of rebuilding your home can be daunting. With keen attention to detail we team up with your contractor to help them successfully complete their rebuilds on time and within budget.

For the past 5-10 years, most contractors have been focused on remodeling and not new home construction. This could result in many contractors not having all the systems in place to build several homes at the same time, or a sufficient trade pool to tap into. This is where a partnership with Emerge Rebuild comes in handy. We can help with many of the business tasks that get more complicated as a contractor grows.  We fill in the gaps, as needed, to keep contractors doing what they do best: build your new home.

Your contract should be a fixed price contract in case there is trade cost inflation, material inflation, or other unexpected prices so you don’t have to pay anything additional out of pocket.

We know you have a lot of questions about rebuilding your home, so we are here to help with the answers. Whether you are not sure of your financing options, or are lost on which contractors are trustworthy, we can assist you. We’re here to make the process of rebuilding your home smooth, organized, and efficient.

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