Preconstruction Rebuild Process After A Natural Disaster


Hi, my name’s Adriana Guy with Emerge Rebuild. And, today we’re going to talk about the preconstruction rebuild process. Please keep in mind that these are just opinions.

For the first step, you’ll want to summarize the details of your previous home which was lost to the natural disaster. You may want to do this with a quote from a contractor. In this quote, you’ll want to make sure that you summarize the details of your home. Whether it was one story or two stories and lay out some of the finishes of the home, hardwood, carpet, jacuzzi tubs, etc.

For step two, you’ll want to get the approval for the funding from the insurance company using the summary from step one. If you find yourself under insured, the goal will be to seek the policy limits. Including any code upgrades or policy extensions etc.

For step three, you’ll want to work with your contractor to come up with a payment schedule. This payment schedule will then have to be submitted to the insurance company for approval. Make sure that you have this approval in writing from your insurance adjuster.

Step four. If the funding that you receive from the insurance company is insufficient to rebuild the home that you want to build, you may need to seek out construction financing. It is also highly recommended that you get pre-approved for a second mortgage before signing with a general contractor.

Step five. Once you have a full understanding of the funding available to you for your rebuilds through insurance, construction financing, etc. You’re ready to move on to the contract signing phase. Be sure to have your contract sent to your attorney for review to ensure that it is a fixed price contract. You don’t want to end up stuck paying extra costs above and beyond what’s been approved by your insurance company.

We hope you found this video helpful today. We understand that each individual homeowner’s situation is different. If you’d like to have your specific situation reviewed by our team, please click the link below to set up a consultation if you’d like to subscribe to our channel, please click below. Once again, my name is Adriana Guy with Emerge Rebuild.