Who We Are

Emerge Rebuild is a natural disaster recovery team that actively manages each step of your rebuild process. Emerge Rebuild is the parent company of licensed general contractor Sunny Valley Construction (SVC), LLC and works with W. Dickinson as the RMO for Sunny Valley Construction, LLC. Our team helps the homeowners by dealing directly with the insurance companies, banks, designers, engineers, permitting departments, and general contractors.

What We Do

Our team assists the homeowners by creating a step-by-step plan, which is catered to your family's needs.

Our team, which comprises of insurance specialists, designers, and general contractors, assist you by first getting the funds approved by insurance companies and then assisting with rebuilding the home for you by managing every step along the way.

What Makes Us Unique

Through our own personal experience of losing homes to wildfires, we understand your needs. We are able to not only create a step-by-step solution for you, but also actively manage the whole process for you.

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